It’s time for us to get our hands dirty cause we’re heading to the garden! And while your there, take some time off of admiring the beauty of the flowers and keep an eye out for those elegant flying creatures that compliment those colorful petals.  Butterflies symbolize positive transformation.  When you think of butterflies, what are some words that immediately pop in your mind? FREEDOM. INDEPEDENCE. GRACE.  Many totems equate butterflies with varying symbolic meanings associated with change.  Time for a CxV Science snippet!  The butterfly’s metamorphosis symbolizes the process of transformation.  Over a course of time a caterpillar can cocoon its way to a free spirited butterfly.  Compare them to your life and with mistakes and life lessons learned, eventually you’ll evolve into that beautiful butterfly you see gracing the garden.  These hurdles in life can only generate growth.  So be that beautiful butterfly and don’t forget to soar.  With much peace & love, the CltrxVltr.  -xo-

 Your body is really your temple and it should always be your first priority.  You have to remember this key fact- be very mindful of what you because you have to eat healthy in order to live.  You could really live a LONGER. HEALTHIER. & HAPPIER lifestyle when you are mindful of what you put in your body.  The color of your fruit and veggies are associated with its important health benefits and disease preventions.  Remember these colors and its exact advantages:

Support eye, lung, gum and cell health.  Low in calories. Wound healing.  Used to purify with detoxification.

Examples: Peas. Broccoli. Spinach. Kiwi Fruit. Avocado. Cucumber. Celery.

High in protein antioxidants.  Balance blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood.  Immune support.  Causes healthy bones & circulatory system.

Examples: Garlic. Onions. Leeks. Chives. 


Contain Vitamin C, which support your vision and prevent cancers.  When eaten it will fortify skin elasticity. Good for eye health, healthy immune function, and health growth and development.

Examples: Oranges. Mangoes. Sweet Potatoes. Yellow Corn. Pineapple. Pumpkin. Carrots. Apricots.  Melons.

Balances blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels.  Good for cognitive health. Increase longevity.

Examples: Raisins. Plums. Dates. Grapes. Eggplant. Blueberries. Blackberries.

Rich in antioxidants .To improve heart disease and blood health.  High in fiber.  Digestive and urinary support.

Examples: Watermelon. Grapefruit. Tomatoes. Cherries. Rasberries.

Remember!  You are what you eat. So don’t be FAST. CHEAP. EASY or FAKE.

#StayCultured, xo

I’m pretty sure everyone has experienced entering a home and the first thing asked from the host is to take off your shoes.  Have you ever wondered where this custom came from?  It is a very popular custom that’s practiced in countless cultures and religions.  Various places around the world follow the same exact custom but with different motives.  Traditionally, in Japan they take off their shoes because of hygiene.  The Japanese don’t have furniture so they use tatami mats to sit and sleep on.  So removing your shoes prevents dirt and germs that could damage the floor mats.  But in Cambodia taking off your shoes before entering a home is a way of showing respect to elders.  Schools in Sweden also require you to remove your shoes before entering because just like entering a home it’s a sign of disrespect.  Our very own Culture Vulture, SIMS admitted “I like for people to take off their shoes before entering my house not for just cleanliness, but I want people to be comfortable and feel at home”.  If this is a custom you follow, share with us!

Ladies we have to admit that we’re hard on ourselves.  We never take the time out to compliment ourselves on the fabulous job we’ve been doing trying to get through this journey we call life.   So the Culture Vulture is here to shout out two simple words in your ear and that is: REWARD YOURSELF!  You’ve accomplished too many goals and overcome too many obstacles to not be wined and dinned or shopped until you dropped.  Too much of our time is wasted complaining about things that didn’t go right or something that didn’t meet our standards.  Some of us are perfectionist that want everything 110% and can’t settle for anything that doesn’t reach or surpass that.  Very Understandable.  But from now on instead of reflecting on what didn’t work out, try jotting down a mental list of all of the great things you’ve done over the past few days.  Pick a specific one that you can say meant a lot to you. Then go out and buy yourself an ice cream or something even better like a pair of shoes ;) Even if you have a specific goal that you have yet to reach, think of ways you can reward yourself when that goal is met.   This makes your journey even more rewarding because now you know what’s awaiting you at the finish line.

Ever wondered how humans before us functioned without technology?  I know I do! Like seriously, what’s life without tumblr? We rely so much on technology that life seems impossible without it.  Cell phones are now portable computers that can pretty much carry out any demand.  Did you know that before cell phones people would actually write letters to communicate?  Or instead of texting people would just talk face to face?  Pretty tragic huh. Now I hope you gals got the gist of the challenge.  Yes, NO TECHNOLOGY! Sounds extreme, but you can’t knock it unless you try it.  Take 10-20 minutes out of your day by putting your phone down on silent and closing your laptop.  So that means NO instagram NO twitter and sadly, NO Culture Vulture ( & trust me, we know how difficult that may be! ).   Explore the inner workings of your mind.  Challenge your brain power by doing simple activities like meditating, writing with the opposite hand you write with, read the dictionary and make it a goal to use a new vocab word a day, or buy a rubix cube.  There’s an ongoing list of entertaining activities that you can do that will increase your brain power and give you better uses of your time.  

ROCK IT WELL THIS SUMMER LADIES!Our team plans on rocking holographic skater skirts, body con dresses, and platform sandals. How do you plan on making holographic pieces an addition to your current wardrobe?

Is anyone else annoyed by selfie/célfie culture yet? We are here at The Culture Vulture! Social networks were created as a way to share updates in your life, and connect people in global society in a hub that brings everyone - no matter where you are in the world - a little bit closer. However,  it seems people have become too self centered! When did we stop posting pictures of cool new experiences in our lives and instead start posting filter enhanced photos of ourselves?? Its crazy! Life is happening around us, and instead of sharing that with our followers and friends - we choose to post photos of our face. & Lets be real - it only really takes one photo of yourself on your profile to let your followers know what you look like lol As a Culture Vulture, take the vow to STOP posting a bunch of selfies. No one likes a profile filled with selfies anyhow. It looks like you have no life - and well - we want to live a cultured life! So we encourage you all to get out there and share photos of YOUR world around YOU! xo 

If you accept this vow, save the wallpaper 
below to your iPhone & repost instead of a seflie!

Been thinking about bringing a bit of extra flare to your space, but don't have the time or even want to get super DIY-ish? Well, photographs are the easiest way to bring a bit of extra decor to any space! I mean whats better than being surrounded by pictures as constant reminders of your loving family & friends? Pictures are just what you need personalize and fill a space with style, personality and love, with little time or creative talents required at all! Bring easy style and a sense of comfort to your home with the cool frames you put your snapshots in! To help you get started, our Editor SIMS has provided her favorite frames! Email us your favorite frames in your home & comment below with your thoughts.

Time to accessorize, your home décor that is!  As Culture Vultures, it’s our job to do any and everything with style. Even something as simple as using a serving tray, transform it with a designer touch and use for many unique household purposes. Trays aren’t just for serving food, they can be used to glam up so many parts of your home.  Put one tray on your living room coffee table and compliment it with a vase of flowers and a stack of Vogue magazines.  Or make it a jewelry holder!  Brainstorm and be creative CV’s as we teach you how to create your very own designer tray.
 The first step is actually buying a serving tray.  You can purchase one online for as low as $10.  You have the option of purchasing a plain tray so you can spray paint it and add your own touch to it, or one with designs.  Second step is about going all out! I’d personally buy some gold spray paint and get to work.  This is about your creativity, so the choice is yours!  Lastly, order a high-end fashion label decal to stick on your tray.  Then there you have it, your very own designer serving tray.  Take a pick and share some of your very own with the Culture Vulture.

Have you ladies been taking care of your purses?  I know it’s random, but it’s a very important question to ask.  Think about it.  You’ve put your hard earned cash into treating yourself to a LV speedy (a very timeless piece to purchase, I might add!) so it’s only right that you treat it with the utmost care.   Whenever you purchase a designer bag, the cashier puts it in a cloth bag called a dust cover.  Those cloth bags preserve the condition of the bag, so it’ll always look brand new! a.k.a getting your dollars worth.  Designer bags are usually leather, which means the temperature could affect the condition of the bag as well.  That means no hot and wet environments.  So be careful in the rain.  These simple bag treatments will keep your bag in tack and give it everlasting results so in years you can pass it down to your little fashionista!

1.Brighton, England- Stop by this town on the south coast of England and enjoy life by the seaside.  Take a stroll on the century old pier then unleash your inner child and enjoy the arcade game and amusement rides. 

2. Burma- Go get lost in the Golden Land with some of the worlds top religious monuments.  The mind blowing golden temples will captivate your soul!

3. Cabo- If you’re looking for a place to party, this is the country for you!  Known for its epic nightlife, Cabo is one of Mexico’s top five tourist destinations.

4. St. Tropez- - Enjoy your summer ashore with relaxing beaches and yacht rides located on the French Riviera.  Come back with the tan you’ve always dreamed of!

5. Bali- Go get spiritually cleansed by Bali, the famed Island of the Gods.  Real paradise is located right here, with the various landscapes and archaeological attractions.

6. Melbourne – Instead of the crazy party scene are you more of a peaceful, take a walk in the park type of gal?  Well Melbourne is the place to be! Known for its beautiful parks and gardens, relax and take a walk on the calm side

7. Ibiza, Spain- Why club hop when you can cave rave? Yes, party cave style!  Ibiza is the party capital of the world.  But if you’re trying to stray away from the party scene, catch a bus or taxi and get in touch with your inner hippie at the hippie market.

8. Thailand- Can you guess the first place you need to visit when you get to Thailand besides your hotel? Duh, the spa silly! Take advantage of the amazing spa culture and get pampered like the Queen that you are.

9. Prague- Time to get medieval! Walk through the city of tall castles and eerie gargoyles.  Known for it high quality brews, top off each experience with a beer. Cheers!

10. Abu Dhabi- Take a break into the future and get blown away by this cities futuristic architecture.  Jaw dropping skyscrapers that will have you thinking you’re dreaming.  Hold off on the pinching sweetie, you’re awake!

Incense are magical sticks made of all natural ingredients that promote the idea of peace with the shape shifting smoke that fills the air.  Not only do these magical wands create a fantastic aroma, they are commonly used for meditation to achieve focus and positive energy.  So light one on your stressful day and get centered! Or watch the smoke change forms as the incense ash away.  Having a one of a kind incense holder can add the proper feng shui to your home as well as your own stylish touch.  Check out these eye catching incense holders that could also be living room centerpieces.  All pieces approved by the Culture Vulture.


Hey Culture Vultures, be flirty and stylish with a tulle skirt this season! Dress up a simple top with the perfect poofy skirt for a girly and feminine look this Spring. If you like to get crafty you can even make your own skirt with a satin waist band, tulle, and a simple hand stitch! -OR- we at the Culture Vulture love how Cotton & Curls shows how to make the perfect DIY tulle skirt with your girls! Check it out here.  Rock your skirt with the perfect ankle strap heels and a crop top or sweater! & hey! Don't forget your sunnies as the perfect touch & a clutch.

The symbolism behind prayer beads can be interpreted differently depending on the branch of faith.  Religious faiths such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and others use these beads for different purpose.  The origin of its use has no exact date but it’s clear that these beads have carried it’s relevance throughout history because of it’s impact in fashion.  Prayer beads are popular for necklaces and bracelets, but are they used for it’s exact purpose or is it just a mere act of accessorizing?  The cross has also been a popular fashion statement that causes controversy.  Some people may argue that it demeans the universal symbol of Christ’s death and shouldn’t be worn for just a fashion statement. Does that mean it is loosing its religious meaning? Share your thoughts with us.

Summer is approaching and I don't know about you guys - but all I can think about is where I'm going to jet off to next, and what i'm going to wear! I've been in search of the perfect bathing suit for the last couple wks to wear in England & France this Summer and I found 7 perf suits I MUST HAVE for Europe :) Check them out and hopefully this will inspire you all to find the perfect suits for you as well! So find a place to soak up the sun this summer & if you like my choices - heres where you can purchase my faves :]


Gold accented pieces from your accessories to your home decorum will always represent royalty.  Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used gold to accessorize their attire and ornamentation.  And you know how chic they were! Try making a statement  with these cool pieces adored by the team at The Culture Vulture!

I bet you ladies can relate to having a world of your own inside of your purse.  Walking down the street with the latest handbag, yet the inside looks a total mess.  Yes, I’m a victim of it too.  Well nobody said it was against the rules of fashion to have a purse inside of the one you have, right?  I see it as the more the merrier!  Too many times have I experienced a pad randomly falling out of my purse landing on the middle of the floor or taking hours rummaging through all of the junk in my bag looking for my lip gloss.  Well its time for some trendy toiletry zip up pouches that you can throw inside of your bag.  Keep your woman essentials all in one place.  Tampons, lip gloss, mirror, eye liner, headphones, charger and any important item you can’t leave the house without. This makes your purse more organized and bag switching much easier!

Every girl wants a killer bag to rock in all settings, but unfortunately we sometimes give in to the current trend instead of thinking longterm. For instance, I recently purchased the Alexander Wang Rocco, and REGRETTED it. The bag weighed 3 lbs empty, and the quality did not equate to the price. I honestly only purchased it because it was on trend - and not for its timeless rating. BUT let my lesson learned be your new rule when it comes to purchasing handbags ladies! Buy for years down the road, and keep quality in mind! You can spend $30 on a bag at TJMaxx, and it may be stylish - but chances are 5 years from now it won't be in pristine condition. In honor of the stylish and timeless handbags out there that have held me down over the years - our team at The Culture Vulture has brought you a list of our top 4 timeless handbags of the upmost quality.


Enjoy and happy shopping!

I feel warm weather with cool wet refreshing breezes that hit my face as my bare feet stand firmly into the sand.  I’m in the perfect position because I have a clear view of the suns disappearance and the moons greeting.  All the elements of nature are present meaning as i walk away from the beach huge sequoia trees begin to hover over me, colorful plants that grace the forest floor and mind blowing landscapes that remind me of how momentous life is.  The more I walk, the ongoing sight of trees eventually stop and I end up on a cliff that overlook mountain tops.  Silence.  Nothing but the natural sounds of the Earth ring in my ear.  Suddenly my eyes prop open and I’m back in my room.  Different sounds enter my ear, sounds of my everyday life.  I suddenly feel at peace because my mind was able to take me to a place of my own.  My very own place of peace.  Physically I couldn’t get away but mentally is just as powerful.  When in stress, close your eyes and create your own getaway of peace.

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