Uh Birkenstocks, duh! Every gal wants the option of being comfortable while still being fashion forward.  Birkenstocks, or I like to call them Jesus sandals, are all the rave this summer!  They made a debut last summer, when they were spotted in passing on feet here & there and in stores like David Z.  Now everyone is trying to get their paws on them! These great sandals come in many different styles, prints and colors so finding a pair that are just right for you will be easy as cake.  Through time these shoes will be made just for your feet and your feet only.  The more you wear them the sole will mold around your feet making a permanent imprint creating everlasting comfort.  Wiggle that pedi or be the hipster that you are and wear them with your fav printed socks.  

Be you & #BeCultured, xo.

Tis the Prom Season ladies! It’s every girls dream to show out at her prom.  Am I right or am I right? School has been a long journey and what better way to end it other than being the belle of the ball.  Yes hair done, nails done, everything did! [& how could I forget about those occasional Promzilla moments]  When preparing for either buying a dress or making one, take this into consideration: don’t strive to be so different from the crowd that you end up looking a total mess!  Trust me, nobody wants to go to prom and run into a girl with the same exact dress on.  I’ve seen it and trust me it’s embarrasingggg.  And absolutely no one wants to go down in the book for having a catastrophic dresses either.  Think of prom as attending a celebrity event like the Met Gala or the Grammys.  Tune into your inner Solange, Rih, or Bey & just kill the competition!  Once you realize that you’re a stylish individual that already stands out from the rest, the uniqueness of the dress will automatically shine causing heads to roll! 

Here are some really subtle yet distinct dresses
 that’ll make you prom queen, with or without the crown ;)

 For my first piece, I considered writing about my time in Prague at the Kafka Museum, sitting in Stadt Park in Vienna, or maybe even the time I saw Portishead in Berlin. I was going to explain how, as a writer, I felt inspired by antiquity and culture in these places. I was going to be poetic and intricate in my word choice; I was going to make everyone understand. However, while Iʼll still attempt to do this, I feel an earnest duty to construct a piece where, foremost, what I believe in and love most about Atlanta, resounds: our music industry and the community surrounding it. More specifically, I want to talk about 88.5 WRAS (Album 88), the one hundred thousand watt student run radio station for Georgia State University.

WRAS has been a staple in my auditory life since 2010. For the last four years, Iʼve tuned in everyday. I know the schedule and the DJs, planning my trips and routes home accordingly. I memorized the stationʼs number for requests on the best and worst nights, traffic rides, and concert tickets. WRAS has contributed to my evolution as a writer; itʼs coverage of local music in local venues has bolstered my avid involvement in Atlantaʼs music culture and my identity as a sub-culture-junkie. For this, Iʼm eternally grateful. I respect the studentsʼ remarkable ability to study, make great grades (as you have to, to be a DJ at WRAS), and still maintain a niche following in such a large, expansive city. I will mourn the loss of itʼs daylight airtime, and begrudgingly accept itʼs replacement with GPB (Georgia Public Broadcasting). More importantly, I will mourn the presence of the studentsʼ voices in local radio programming. But I will not mourn in silence. We should all be angered by the administration's lack of respect to these students, namely Andrea Jones (Assoc. VP of PR & Marketing), Mark Becker (President) Dr. Douglass Covey (VP of Student Affairs).

This is precisely why I am writing this. We have a powerful community here in Atlanta. We take pride in actively supporting and being involved in, not JUST our community, but in those all over the world. As Culture Vultures, I want this to deeply sadden all who read it. Anyone who understands that our student-run wavelengths of weird music was a monumental part of our laid-back traffic sitting. It was inspiring; it was something different, something that understood us no matter what hour. The end of WRAS is a disheartening realization that our weirdo-subculture-junkie radio outlet is being annihilated without any discourse about WHY, FOR WHAT, FOR WHO. We know why it started. We know why we love the DJs, and why we go to the shows. We believe in ingenuity, refreshing personalities, and other interests readily available for us to dive into. Our unbridled love of 88.5 has everything to do with our undoubted support of the student voice.

Given this, Iʼm saddened by the insidious paucity of studentsʼ voices in the decision- making process. The thing we loved and believed in was a reflection of ourselves, and it was taken away without even so much as a student vote. Our opinions were not valued, not considered. In my vehement distress upon hearing the news, I asked around for otherʼs opinions on the end of WRAS. Consistent with my claims about Album 88 in the community, the responses elicited by this event were loud and angry: “Itʼs the worst decision and I strongly urge that you don't believe this is at ALL in the students interest.” Bileh Dougsiyeh, a fourth year student at Georgia State and actively involved WRAS listener, poignantly noted, “Notice he [Mark Becker] will always dodge the question as to why he didn't notify the students he apparently cares so much about when he made this crony corrupt deal. Becker lost all the respect I never had for him.” These sentiments of sadness and powerlessness were echoed in the statements of Matthew, an off campus non-traditional student: “All that matters is the result. The only broadcast alternative to the Clearchannels and the like is effectively being killed. Trying to carve out distinctions about it doesn't change the end result.”

I think we should be angrier and that we can be louder. Our pride in Atlantaʼs freak and weirdo subcultures is derived from our love of the community and our willingness to make that space for ourselves. Our sounds are our voices. I refuse to stand by while this community is viciously silenced. So, my fellow 88.5 fans, letʼs remember that our voices still count; letʼs build our community around this so that we can be heard; letʼs never forget 88.5 and what it stands for. This is a call to action!: Check out these links, send emails, call the school, do as your heart desires!

"We as a staff are deeply saddened and want to apologize for these changes that, again, are completely out of our control. As mentioned before, the university will assess the contract again in two years and determine where to move forward from there. Since this move is driven so much by listenership, we cannot guarantee how the university will act in the future. This could mean that we either revert back to our original format, stay in the partnership with GPB, or perhaps even switch WRAS over to 24/7 GPB programming. Whatever the case is for the future, we appreciate the listenership and love we have been showered with over the years. 

If you want to voice any concerns, please contact that powers that be directly: Andrea Jones (Assoc. VP of PR & Marketing) can be reached at 404-413-1351, Mark Becker (President) 404-413-1300, or Dr. Douglass Covey (VP of Student Affairs) at 404-413-1500. Can also be reached via email:,, or” statement-from-wras-management-staff-on-gpb-amalgamation/ 737764706288346

The link to cite the quote from the statement; statement-from-wras-management-staff-on-gpb-amalgamation/ 737764706288346 

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